Throwing Crippled Gang Signs EP

by Rebuild to Destroy




rebuild to destroy, gallup nm. ska punk harmonizers from the thickest of rez dirt and rock. the desert whispers secrets to these native shoe-gazers and transform their perspectives on the reservation. Out with a new end of the world release, Throwing Crippled Gang Signs EP free to download on deadrezkids records. skater friends from gallup high school, they started R2D as a 2011 side project of their former 2008 musical interests from Triple Shot Rumblers. Skank it up and skate the streets.


released 14 December 2011

recorded by: deadrezkids records: Lyle Walley, Robyn Silverfox, and Ryan Dennison.



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deadrezkid records Gallup, New Mexico

self released demos, audio journals, EPs, and albums. curse the apathy that consumes and prisons our people on the rez (navajo nation to san carlos reservation). learn, create, teach, transform, fuck obstacles. DIY DEADREZ. featuring music made by the rez for the rez, all genres. ... more

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